Bye Bye iBurst


If you where a iBurst client the time for change has come.

It was confirmed earlier today on MyBroadband thet

Multisource hass shut down the iBurst Wireless service on 31 August, ending a 12-year broadband journey.

The company informed iBurst subscribers that their modem will no longer receive a signal after the shutdown.

iBurst has provided South Africans with cost-effective broadband services for over a decade, and was one of the first wireless broadband providers in the country.

However, due to technology obsolescence it is no longer viable technically or commercially to run the network.

iBurst technology

When iBurst unveiled its 1Mbps wireless broadband products in 2004, they were the fastest broadband services in South Africa.

The service used IEEE 802.20 or Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) technology, which was developed by ArrayComm and optimised the use of bandwidth with the help of smart antennas.

Kyocera was the manufacturer of iBurst devices, and supplied South Africa with iBurst desktop modems.

The technology never achieved large-scale mainstream adoption, however, and stopped being actively developed.

While South African iBurst users could receive speeds of up to 2Mbps, the technology fell behind HSPA, LTE, and LTE-A.

With Rain rolling out an LTE-A network, there was no reason to keep the legacy iBurst network active.

Existing iBurst subscribers were given the option of letting their contract terminate.

History of iBurst

iBurst unveiled its first wireless broadband products in 2004, and the iBurst Service Provider Company launched on 1 May 2005.

At launch, the company’s goal was to “offer the speed of DSL in a mobile environment”.

“Thanks to frequency interference reduction, users obtain stable speeds that are faster than other mobile Internet offerings,” said iBurst.

What to do next?

Despite changes there are many wireless internet service providers in Nelspruit selling similar packages and an have drop in replacement done.