Internet almost more important than electricity

wireless internet in lowveld more important

wireless internet in lowveld more important

There is a big growth in people who seem to be interested in exploring alternative solutions for getting connected to the internet these days, words like ‘streaming’ and ‘uncapped Wi-Fi’ seem to be the new buzz words. Streaming services like ‘NETFLIX’ and ‘SHOWMAX’ are taking over the in home entertainment due to no adverts and great content at the press of a button. and home automation using WiFi setups in the house to switch on lights and to find out what the weather is going to be like is being used more and more these days.

There are so many options and avenues to go down when trying to get your house connected. Let us help you to understand some of the terms and get you connected!

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

ADSL is a high-speed internet access service that uses your telephone line to send and receive internet data at much faster speeds than a conventional dial-up connection. With ADSL you are connected to the internet 24 hours a day and can also make and receive telephone calls while online. If you have speeds of more than 40Mbps in your area it is also reffered to as VDSL.

The problem in Nelspruit though is that most of the newer areas have no Telkom lines running to their areas and to actually get a ADSL or VDSL connection is impossible. If you live in the newer extensions of Nelspruit chances are you don’t have this option

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet enables wireless (no land line) connectivity to the internet via radio waves rather than wires on a person’s home computer, laptop, smartphone or similar mobile device. Wireless Internet can be accessed directly through cellular providers, but usually lack the high speed of landline broadband internet connections such as cable and DSL. It also has the factor of being weather sensitive. When there are big storms and the high-sites that transmit the radio waves are struck some downtime is expected.

In the lowveld, wireless internet is one of the biggest growing industries due to the lack of landline infrastructure. It also has great potential for people living in rural areas to have the benefit with buying some hardware and setting it up will allow them access to uncapped internet at a fraction of the cost of mobile data internet.

Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wireless LANs (Local Area Networks)

These are also Wireless Internet connectivity options. In these cases, internet connectivity is typically delivered to a network hub via a wired connection like satellite, cable, DSL or fiber optics and then made available to wireless devices via a wireless access point. They are normally accessible at restaurants or waiting areas at offices but data usage is normally limited per device. This is a luxury some companies offer their clients to keep them around for a little bit longer.

Here are some other internet services terms you’ll come across:

Internet Services Provider. Someone supplying the internet to your house. It is what we are.

Bandwidth – bits Per Second
The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second(bps) or bytes per second.

Mbps – Megabits Per Second
Broadband speeds are measured in ‘megabits per second’. The higher the number of Mbps you have, the speedier your online activity should be. When you decide to get internet for the house, you need to think of what are the speeds I need to feed the internet needed in the house.

For streaming services like NETFLIX and SHOWMAX, you will need at least a 4Mbps line. This is to get their standard quality streaming. IF you are more than 2 adults in the house and you have android devices and computers connected to the WiFi we would suggest a minimum of 6Mbps to accommodate usage. And further more if there are computer gamers and teenagers involved you should rather push the line speed up to a 8Mbps speed to compensate for the high traffic.


Download Speed

The speed at which data is being moved from an external source to your PC or recording device. Downloading speeds is generally the speed referred to when you get a internet connection. When you get a broadband package with an average speed of 8Mbps means the maximum you will get is eight megabits per second, or the equivalent of one megabyte per second.

Upload Speed

The speed at which data is sent from your computer or device else where. Like when you post a photo to Facebook or send a voice-note on whatsapp. When photographers look at getting a business internet connection they look at what the upload speed is. With Home connections people worry more about download speeds because they want to watch stuff on their TV. But when photographers have to put photos on their website, Facebook or Instagram, data is uploaded to the web.