Local Web designing company in Nelspruit is shutting down their servers end of this month

The website Server for a local Webdesign Company in Nelspruit will be shut-down in 2 days for good.

It is sad day tomorrow when one of the biggest Webdesign companies in Nelspruit is closing down for good. Customers still hosting on their server got emailed requests notifying them the company is no longer in operation, they have to clear the server, the cancellation will take affect at the end of October 2017. They are currently working through the list, contacting everyone who is still hosting there, but they can’t get hold of all the domain owners…


If your domain is still hosted with them, from the end of this month your website will be none existing.

Contact us to see if you are still hosted on this server and if we can help you by facilitating a transfer of your website to our hosting server.