Preventing Down Time On Your Network

IT is now an essential part of many businesses in Mpumalanga and the Nelspruit region and being down can cost your company a lot of money in server maintenance and network maintenance.

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Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to prevent data loss:

How to prevent server downtime in Nelspruit Mpumalanga

  • Backing up your files regularly, preferably on a physical and or virtual drive
  • Ensuring your power and cooling sources are reliable, to avoid power outages
  • Having a high quality, high-speed internet connection
  • Choosing a supplier that can supply and maintain a proper server SLA with you
  • Monitoring your usage regularly to prevent risky circuit overloads
  • Using reliable anti-malware and firewall protection against security breaches
  • maintaining patch management
  • training staff to use and implement these measures
  • Enacting data loss and intrusion prevention measurements, so the focus isn’t on recovering data but rather never loosing it.


Through the years doing server solutions for many businesses in the lowveld we have found the following is the top reasons for Data Loss in companies.


Causes for server downtime in Nelspruit Mpumalanga
If you use proprietary software that can be difficult to obtain, re-install, and expensive to purchase, or have servers providing key roles such as Domain Control, DHCP, SQL, File and Print services, we suggest local and offsite full image backups. If you do not have sufficient IT staff in your business, speak to us so that we can help you prevent these costly issues.
With regards to Hardware and Software Malfunctions Bridgenet server solution providers have split it up even more:

Cause and impact of downed servers in Nelspruit Mpumalanga

Bridgenet experience has shown that before a hardware failure, the hardware itself will show symptoms before going into a total failure. When IT teams can be alerted of such symptoms, they can take proactive preventive steps to address these symptoms before an imminent downtime reaching end-users.

However, if unplanned downtime reaches the end-users first, it will then impact the business in terms of loss of productivity and total revenue.

Bridgenet example is of a customer who understood that one of his server was of normal temperature, but after a health check, it was determined that one of the fans was not working, but temperature was still the same. This meant that the remaining three fans were working harder to compensate for the spoiled fan. This compensation could result in failure of the remaining three fans and cascade into overheating which could affect the performance of the server.

After the IT health check, the customer took the server to his vendor to fix the damaged fan.

Taking pro-active preventive action like this reduces the possibility of IT downtime which has been found to be costly to the business.