Ruckus is one of the biggest names in the wireless technology, when it comes to communication you have to have somethings reliable and with Ruckus it is almost magical.

Ruckus invented and has patented wireless voice, video, and data technology, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase client data rates, and avoid interference, providing distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over standard 802.11



Ruckus wireless solutions has pioneered a few technologies that separates them from the rest of the players in the WiFi industry. Some of these technologies are:

  • BeamFlex antenna directs Wi-Fi signals to clients

  • Automatically adapts to moves, adds and changes

  • Automatically rejects Interference

  • Steers signals around impenetrable obstacles

  • Director automatically controls AP transmit power and channel assignment.

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  • Need constant AP power adjustments

  • Reduces coverage radius

  • Energy wasted radiating everywhere

  • Causes neighbor AP interference

  • Overhead on WLAN controller

  • Never perfect in dynamic environments

  • Energy wasted radiating everywhere

  • Reduces coverage radius

  • Causes neighbor AP interference

  • Need constant AP power adjustments

  • Overhead on WLAN controller

  • Never perfect in dynamic environments

  • Priorities & per-user rate limits settable per SSID

  • Precision bandwidth management and shaping

  • Eliminates “slow” clients from slowing down others

  • Fair airtime among clients of different speeds

  • Enables 11n Traffic Aggregation and Block ACK techniques to maximize throughput

  • SmartMesh-wide QoS policy enforcement

  • Per-multicast-client antenna & rate adaptation

  • The only proven production systems for IPTV

  • Maximized data rates and minimized retransmissions

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How does SmartCast work?

  • Eliminates Ethernet cable to every AP

  • Uses RF signal routing to determine best paths to client and between mesh nodes

  • Only mesh system that avoids interference

  • Uses high-gain, long-range smart antennas to inimize hops, improve performance

  • Deploys in half the time, half the costof conventional WLANs

  • Simple, simple, simple to configure and manage

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SmartMesh vs. Dumb Bridged Mesh

  • A collection of robust wireless security capabilities made easier to implement

  • Authentication and authorization

  • Dynamic PSK™

  • Role-based user access

  • Wireless LAN client isolation

  • Wireless intrusion detection

  • Link layer encryption

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Enter ZoneFlex™

  • 802.11n beamforming ensures range/reliability

  • 2 to 4X coverage improvement per AP (fewer APs)

  • Best Wi-Fi technology on the planet

  • WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection

  • WLAN-wide interference avoidance

  • Best 802.11n performance

  • Controller not in datapath (no ‘bottlenecks’)

  • Effortless everything

  • Data/Voice/Video over Wi-Fi

  • “Triple-Play” over Wi-Fi

  • Breakthrough feature/functionality

  • Unprecedented CAPEX savings, Lowest OPEX

  • Advanced security simplified

  • Pluggable, meshable, easy to install/expand

  • Wizard-based configuration

  • Automatic client administration

  • Unmatched price/value


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