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Internet in Nelspruit

Uncapped Internet in Nelspruit / Mbombela can be pricey with most of the wireless internet service providers due to the lack of phone line installations at most houses and complexes in Nelspruit. At Bridgenet we try and make wireless internet affordable to the everyday internet user and we pride our-self in being the best wireless internet service provider by any internet service provider (ISP) in Nelspruit or Mpumalanga.

We have four mayor high sites delivering internet to the whole of Nelspruit / Mbombela Centre and then we have some minor wireless internet high sites on the outlying areas covering the Uitkyk road all the way from Nelspruit CBD to the N4 at its end, and actually we have the capability to cover anyone in that area with high speed uncapped internet starting from as low as R199 p/m.

Internet is a big necessity in South Africa. A lot of businesses rely on having fast high speed access to Internet in Nelspruit. But not just Businesses, even people that just want high speed access to wireless internet for their houses are growing. Online gaming and streaming services are getting more and more available to the man on the street thanks to excellent wireless internet technologies that can make us beam up to a gig of data per second.

Towards the West of Nelspruit we have many clients in the Aklmaar area that gets Internet from Bridgenet. To the North we cover all the way from Nelspruit up and until we hit White River with Internet to some customers of up to 50Mbps uncapped.

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