Wireless Internet in Nelspruit


Nelspruit in Mpumalanga otherwise known as Mbombela has a big issue when it comes to having phone lines installed and fiber roll out to the house is taking ages. There is big areas where there is no phone lines available. This Gives most of the Mbomela / Nelspruit home owners not much options when it comes to internet services. They can either go the expensive 3G/4G internet subscription route via Vodacom, MTN or CellC but data rates are very expensive. The other option is wireless internet directly to the premises via a point to point wireless connection.

Bridgenet has been in Nelspruit since before it became Mbombela (active since 2004). Bridgenet has one of the biggest wireless internet networks in the lowveld and when it comes to coverage in Nelspruit and the surrounding area we definitely have you covered.
In Nelspruit alone we have multiple high-sites that can cover most of Nelspruit / Mbombela town all the way from Illanga Mall in the west up and all the way past steiltes in the east with Wireless Internet connectivity.

We also cover the outlying areas of Nelspruit all the way past Blue Moon in the east, we basically cover the whole Uitkyk road and surrounding areas.
Towards Barberton we have coverage on most properties in Stonehedge all the way out up and until Chimp Eden sanctuary with our latest Hilltop Highsite we cover more of the Barberton road or internet connection. To the West we have high-sites covering alkmaar and cairn and those area. We supply high speed internet to many companies who rely on us to supply their Mpumalanga branches in those areas with Internet.

To the north of Nelspruit we cover all the way up to White River and even in White River. We have Mpumalanga based companies that need supply of up to 100m/s internet and we supply them that with a smile. So don’t hesitate to give us a call regarding wireless internet for you business, if it is in Nelspruit / Mbombela and the surrounding lowveld are we can come and do a test and supply the internet you need.