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Uncapped wireless internet service provider nelspruit

Bridgenet wireless internet service provider in Nelpsruit has been supplying uncapped wireless internet services since 2004, making us one of the biggest Wireless internet service providers in Nelspruit, White River, Barberton and Plaston area in Mpumalanga. Bridgenet’s uncapped wireless Internet footprint covers all the following areas:


Home Hog Broadband 1Mbps = R 250 ex vat per month
Home Hog Broadband 2 Mbps = R 350 ex vat per month
Home Hog Broadband 4 Mbps = R 550 ex vat per month
Home Hog Broadband 6 Mbps = R 650 ex vat per month
Home Hog Broadband 8 Mbps = R 750 ex vat per month
Home Hog Broadband 10 Mbps = R 950 ex vat per month

  • Uncapped, No Shaping and No Throttling
  • Terms and conditions of service apply
  • Standard Installation once off R 1700 ex vat.
  • Advanced installation R 2750 ex vat – once off.
  • All services are best effort and asynchronous
  • Whole of Nelspruit
  • Uitkyk
  • The Rest
  • Drum Rock
  • Kiaat
  • Rocky Drift
  • Plaston
  • White River
  • Kabokweni
  • Ga-Tshewene
  • Chweni
  • Mbonisweni
  • Yaverland
  • Pienaar
  • Msoqwaba
  • Emoyeni
  • Daantjie
  • Kanyamazane
  • Tekwane South
  • Zwelisha


internet streaming services

When it comes to staying current with the latest Series and Movies and just keeping in touch with the latest news around the world or just in Nelspruit. Having a wireless Internet service in the house just makes life a lot easier. Streaming Internet from your phone makes you use Cellphone data which is a lot more expensive than getting a wireless Internet service at your home in Nelspruit and updating applications via Wireless Home internet solution

Online Business

business internet

Having access to your Nelspruit based company data from your PC at home and being able to do work on the internet from home shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Even when you are thinking of running your own business from home via a wireless internet service provider in Nelspruit, the best investment you can do to push your Start Up to the next level is to get wireless Internet installed at Home in Nelspruit and the surrounding area.

Online Gaming

online gaming in Nelspruit

After a hard days work we just want to unwind in front of the Internet streaming TV or wireless internet connection to my PC. Gaming is a great medium to use to get rid of those everyday stresses and playing against other players online using your wireless internet access is what makes it so exiting. You need to be able to access internet so that you can make friends in other countries and play through your wireless internet service provided to you in Nelspruit.